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Our Story

Social media, video games and streaming are some of the things that take up more and more of our time. Adults and our kids spend at an average less time performing un-organised sports and activities.


Sports Computing combines the best of two worlds - High-tech and your favourite sport - everything made available on a social platform.  ​

Our Vision

Make advanced technology, that often only is available for the few, available for everyone - with no demand for hardware or expensive purchases. 


Make technology easy enough to be used in the kindergarten and powerful enough to be used by the professionals. In other words, a true unique disruptive technology. 

Our Technology

Sports Computing technology makes advanced video analytics into a common household goods. Analytics of moving objects trough time and space live and instant - all you need is your smart phone

Management and Board

Hans Othar Blix

Board Member

Kjell Heen

Co-founder, BDM

Vegard Grepstad

Co-founder, CEO, Chair


Our Technology

The disruptive Sports Computing technology, enables precise analysis of speed, precision, spin, and trajectory of a moving object using input from only one smartphone camera. The platform connects people all around the world. Our applications & APIs present analysis and results in an exciting gamified interface or to external Apps via APIs.



Leveraging our black box technology, we have successfully launched into Beta our product KickerAce.

KickerAce will go in full production and global launch January 2020.

Visit www.kicker-ace.com 

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IPR & Patents

Our fundamental patent strategy is to ensure that the patent protects what is necessary and a prerequisite for the overall solution to work in practice.

The object for the patent and necessity for the simplicity of the solution is the disruptive SC technology that provides unique object tracking features only through the use of a mobile-camera (used by the public) without the requirement of additional software or hardware.

Maximizing simplicity and minimizing demands is the key to creating good services.

With the "Single-Mobile-Camera-Based Generic Object Trajectory Analyser” we have a solid instrument to maintain our innovative and leading position

Sports Computing AS has the full ownership and rights of all developed Intellectual Property.


Key Partners and Advisors

Sports Computing rely heavily on advisers and partners both from the tech industry and the sports community, without our partnerships and advisors we would not be able to maintain our high quality and precision in the technology and service that we daily work so hard to obtain and maintain.

A special thanks to all the sports clubs and teams that keeps on challenging us and keep us on our toes.   


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Tel: +47 469 07 823

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Tel: +47 469 07 823

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