The New Interface of Sports

Making technology easy enough to be used by kids and still powerful enough to be used by professionals.

Our Technology

Our technology enables precise analysis of body movement, object-speed, spin and trajectory using input from only one smartphone camera.

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Market Segment

Sports Computing technology makes advanced video analytics into common household goods. All you need is your smartphone.

Business Model

Our business model is based on a “free-to-play” model. This model ensures that everyone willing to contribute and be a part of the Kicker Ace community, regardless of their personal financial situation, can. Sponsors, in-app purchases and special events make up the revenue model that scales with our userbase.

Hit point
Tournament $
Assistant $$$
Smart watch $$
Challenges $

Our Applications

With a suite of applications that utilize the same underlying IP, Sports Computing can offer sports-based applications at scale, with long-term market potential.

Kicker Ace

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June 15, 2022

Technology’s influence on exercise and health in a world with COVID-19.

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June 15, 2022

The gaming industry creates comradery and sportsmanship through online and mobile gaming.

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May 30, 2022

The soccer industry takes over mobile gaming.

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Social Community

Community is the heart of Sports Computing applications. We want to create connections and friendships, and fuel the competitive spirit across the globe. What happens when a Norwegian group of athletes compete with a group of friends from Sao Paulo or New Mombasa? We believe these connections and friendships will develop, all while playing the games we love.

Board and organisation

Anders Fagerli


Hans Othar Blix

Chairman of the Board

Fredrik Urbanski

Board Member

Rune Brynhildsen

Board Member

Erlend Sogn

Board Member

Advisory board

Preben Sander

Frank Johansen

Marcus Hjelleset

Ronny Johnsen

Sondre Støyva

Geir Arne Hjelle

Morten Borgersen

Our Partners