Market Segment

Our core audience:
Gen Z

Streaming outperforms traditional sports broadcasting across the board amongst the Gen Z audience.

Our platform combines the allure of creating personalized content and gamification. At the same time, we give our users the opportunity for streaming content on our native- or other SoMe platforms.

“While most professional, collegiate and amateur sports properties have sought to reach Gen Z via social media, leaders in the industry said individual athletes play an outsize role in generating interest in teams and leagues among younger fans”*.

Christiano Ronaldo has more fans and followers than the rest of all the other players in Real Madrid combined. Sports Computing wants to build a new bridge between players and fans combining content, skills training and competition on an integrated platform.

Sports Computing will build a bridge between professionals, fans and aspiring talents, thus playing to the strengths of the new media landscape.

*Morning Consult.


For the coach or professional athlete, Sports Computing provides a structured tool for conducting drills that aim to perfect an athlete’s execution of an exercise.

A series of predefined or custom-designed situations can be preloaded into the dashboard, accessible by the coach or player. Statistics for each athlete and each drill will be available for the athlete post-practice. A video library with additional analytics gives individual feedback to every athlete. The coach can benchmark the players and suggest exercises based on the results.


For the amateur or player, every Sports Computing app offers various exercises and modes the user can engage in. Suppose a user wants to drill a specific situation or practice a particular movement that they find challenging. In that case, the app has the flexibility to facilitate a wide range of situations. Who would not like to copy Roberto Carlos’ free-kick from 1997, and live to tell the story?

Many gamification modes and local and global cups create an incentive for self-improvement and even bragging rights for friends and competitors. Badges can be won, and videos can be shared.

Generation Z has grown up with fast-moving social media, sharing video clips and personal exposure rather than being loyal to a specific club or brand. Anyone can become an influencer in the Sports Computing platform or follow the influencer that speaks to you.


Sponsors are always looking for new channels and platforms that can engage their users. 

The Sports Computing experience is based around user-generated short-form videos that are perfectly suited for social media sharing. Generation Z, our core user, is especially used to consuming short-form video. Part of the Sports Computing model is having our users co-create the content that they want to see on their devices, adapted to their preferred channels. The Nexus of the user experience will be the individual app, but the content will happen in symbiosis with social media channels.

Sponsors can enjoy their logos presented as virtual or augmented overlays in the app or in the content the users produce and distribute.