May 10, 2022

Mobile gaming: More than just a Game

OSLO – There is always a discussion on whether or not mobile games are a positive influence on children. A recent report states that children and teens spend 4-7 hours a day on screens for entertainment.[1] But what if the screen time these users were using was beneficial to them? There are plenty of apps and videos that children and young adults can watch and participate in that don’t teach any valuable skills, but there are also many that teach lessons and help build confidence. Mobile gaming teaches the player to adapt quickly to new information that is presented on the screen, just as they learn to stimulate their brain to think and act quickly and increase their responsiveness. 

The mobile gaming industry is a rapidly growing industry. It is estimated that 2.2billion people worldwide participate in mobile games on their smartphones and devices. This number is nearly 28% of the World´s population.[2]  Smartphones have become an everyday norm for most people, often being used for more than just a phone call or a text message. Mobile games come in a variety of genres, from role playing to first-person shooter games, to brain teasers and physical active games and programs.

Mobile gaming can help with a number of skills that are useful and can be applied to everyday life. The constant analyzation of a situation in a game, the observation of patterns and details, and the need to follow instruction are all pieces that lead to improved focus and attention to detail. If a player doesn’t learn to follow direction and learn from their mistakes, in most games, they won’t make it to the next level or earn the next reward. Gaming can teach a user about failure and how to handle failure. If you fail one task to get further, you have to continue to change your gameplay to succeed to the next task (or level.) Through perseverance and patience, the player learns new skills and conquers new challenges before making it further in the game. 

The team at Sports Computing has created the KickerAce app to do just this: build Confidence, develop Skills and most of all, be Active. The KickerAce app requires the user to be outside on the field while using their phone. Using Artificial Intelligence, mathematics and physics, KickerAce will track the motion, spin and trajectory of the soccer ball. Soccer fans – aspiring, amateur and professional – can all use the KickerAce app to further build their soccer and shooting skills. KickerAce allows the user to compete against themselves by trying to outdo their last penalty kick[AF1] [is2] ; compete against others in national and international tournaments; and measure their own skills by comparing their shot to a professional. Exercise is known to release endorphins and adrenaline, helping to boost the mental state and well-being so by encouraging physical exercise, mental endurance and training, we can help mobile users get the 30 minutes of exercise a day that is recommended, if used on a daily basis. Our goal is to engage and activate our audience, bringing the players closer together, even if they are in different parts of the World. By allowing our users to record, upload and share their perfect shot, we do our part in keeping our users Active.