Our Technology

Object Analysis

How your movement and power transfer creates effect is the key to excellence.

With our proprietary technology, we can analyse speed, spin and ballistic curve on objects from impact to target, on the go.

Now, you can se how to produce the results you want or want to improve. Insight is the key to understanding how to become even better. Sports Computing helps you increase speed, power and precision.

Impact and Spin

Every athlete’s goal is to control the effect any impact has on an object (in most cases a ball). Successful execution is a result of a complex series of movements that transfer power, spin and direction to an object. This transfer of power is analyzed in our advanced and proprietary image analysis technology that can run on a simple smartphone without the need or use of additional and often expensive hardware.


Sports Computing utilizes the latest generation AI, Image Recognition and phone camera sensors to analyse biomechanics in real-time.

Sports Computing combines hard science and number crunching while helping you improve your technique and execution. We can even benchmark your movements with the best players in the world and set up programs and situations that help you leverage your body in the most efficient way. Next-gen image analysis and pedagogics are available to you in real-time, all the time.

Our technology can be applied to most sports and implemented in most handsets. Both the coach and athlete can now utilize real-time Sports Science as an integral part of any coaching or self-improving activity.

Through precision analysis of biomechanics capturing the kinetic chain of movement from initiation until impact or effect, Sports Computing can give each individual athlete qualitative and personalized feedback. For each sport we engage in, Sports Computing can produce breakdowns of techniques in real-time to the individual user based on machine learning algorithms that sample best practice from athletes worldwide. This unique approach can scale to any sport, on any level.


Sports Computing can calculate the correct ballistic path of objects as small as golf balls through object tracking based on image analysis, combined with trajectory and aerodynamics modelling.

Sports Computing has the capability to calculate the path, speed and trajectory of high speed objects. This functionality is unique for Sports Computing and is protected by our IPR.